Review: The Naive Guys: A Memoir of Friendship, Love and Tech in the Early 1990s by Harry Patz Jr.


A hysterical yet poignant coming-of-age novel. Mark Amici embarks on a challenging journey through the postcollege world, where he struggles to emerge from his sheltered upbringing to a life of sex, love, friendship, and career success. Fighting through the bad economy of 1991, Mark takes an entry-level sales role at a growing tech company, Fishsoft, at the dawn of the Internet Age.

A nostalgic coming of age story of recent college graduate Mark Amici.

It was great reading a coming of age store of a male, I was hesitant at first thinking it would be an Animal House affair but it was far from it. Sure I was submerged into the depths of the male world, however it wasn’t hard to stomach.

Mark Amici is an all around great guy – ambitious employee, dutiful son, loyal friend and a great potential romantic partner. He’s surprisingly mature and grounded for his age. He’s classy, honest and willing to listen to others, he’s completely endearing.

His persistence in securing employment, and a girlfriend I found relatable and humorous. He has a great attitude and takes his licks and quickly moves on. The book has many tender moments along with humors instances.

I was well established in the early nineties, however I did bond with Mark in a few ways. Given his personality of over analyzing and holding on to the past somewhat limited his growth which is the polar opposite of myself. Nonetheless reading of Mark’s journey was enjoyable. No doubt this young man has a bright future ahead. As the story progresses Mark and his friends evolve and move on as life, career, choices pave the way for independence, opportunities and establishment.

Wasn’t thrilled with the heavy hand in sports, however, it’s what most men enjoy so I was a sport about it. I also felt it could have been shorter yet it was a satisfactory read.

Patz smartly writes of a young adult venturing out into the big bad world as he navigates his way in career, love, life and family. Revisiting the pre-tech days was a blast, NSM’s, Clinton presidency, brought many smiles to this reader.

About Harry Patz Jr.8509321

Harry has been a participant of the Nantucket Atheneum Writer’s Group since October, 2013. He contributed a short story, “Offseason” for the group’s published anthology collection, The Moving Pen: A Nantucket Atheneum Writer’s Group Anthology, published in June, 2014.

Harry is president of Gondolin Advisors LLC, providing strategic advisory services to Communications, Media and Technology firms. He is a 20-year veteran of the tech and media industries, with executive positions at Microsoft Corporation and Velti. Harry holds an MBA from The Johnson School at Cornell University and a BS in Management from Boston College. He resides in Westchester, NY.

Connect with Harry: Website | Facebook | Twitter


Paperback, First, 452 pages
Published August 29th 2014 by Alophie Press, imprint of Gondolin Advisors LLC
ISBN13: 9780990539315


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