Review & Giveaway: The Tears of Dark Water by Corban Addison


•Published March 5th 2015 by Quercus Publishing
•Paperback, 496 pages
•ISBN: 1848663110

A sailboat adrift in the Indian Ocean.

On board, a band of nervous Somali pirates holds an American father and his troubled son hostage.

In America, his wife waits terrified, relying on a top hostage negotiator to find a peaceful resolution before the military intervenes.

And on the Somali shore, a brutalized young woman enslaved in a marriage to a militant jihadi hides a connection to one of the kidnappers that might be the key to peace… and redemption.

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“The Tears of Dark Water is not really “about” Somali piracy. It is about the multi-dimensional fallout of Somalia’s disintegration over the past two decades. Piracy offered me a narrative framework to explore not only how a hijacking and hostage crisis could end in tragedy but also how the breakdown of social order on land could inspire young Somalis to take to the ocean.”

I was moved by this book, a story of forgiveness as well as shining light on Somalia, a country under chaos and never-ending turbulence, an ongoing civil war with zero results, its people left with desperation as their only hope, what’s risk when you have absolutely nothing to lose, also how far will you go to save your family. A narrative with a poignant message, don’t let the jacket summary mislead you, this book is powerful, more than a gripping suspense thriller.

Three parties paths collide, their stories are affecting, the outcome heartbreaking. You will find yourself emotionally spent, however the power of forgiveness and understanding serves as a soothing balm. Every emotion was felt as I read this story, I vacillated between anger, sympathy, love, hate, understanding and callousness, what I related to most was the power of forgiveness. Two favorite forceful characters Ismail and Yasmin, I kept thinking – if only their circumstances were vastly different, what if their country wasn’t so troubled, what could have been for both without the trauma and hardship suffered.

No doubt you will be asking yourself numerous questions long after you have completed the book. Ethics, human rights are a few scratching at the surface. Learning of someone’s past and what they have endured, where they come from is important, worldwide we should have knowledge of the struggles fellow humans face, what better way to bridge the gap of ignorance and foster understand along with compassion. The biggest question of all… Does one’s desperation and horrid circumstances excuse them from nefarious deeds?

Addison delivers another compelling narrative with poignant characters, his writing and extensive research pull you into the story, he tackles hard-hitting issues while educating the reader forcing questions to be considered. Every player in this story was a victim, no winners, heartbreaking tale, eye-opening with all certitude.

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About Corban Addison


Corban Addison holds degrees in law and engineering from the University of Virginia and California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. An attorney, activist, and world traveler, he is a supporter of numerous causes, including the abolition of modern slavery, gender-based violence, and HIV/AIDS. He lives with his wife and two children in Virginia.

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