Review: Blind Shuffle: A Rusty Diamond Novel by Austin Williams


Far from the neon lights of Bourbon Street, heinous crimes are being committed against young women, and a street magician seeks to pull off his greatest trick by staying alive long enough to see justice done.

Rusty Diamond has returned and he finds himself in another surprise action packed adventure.

I love how Williams revealed more of Rusty’s Las Vegas life, the pieces are coming together as we understand why Rusty fled Vegas. You can’t help feel an affinity towards Rusty, his charisma, mystique and principles attract your attention. I was thrilled he was able to make amends with Prosper and Marceline. The strong bond he holds with these two, and their long running history is an indicator of Rusty’s character. Rusty is flawed, however, he doesn’t balk at his past missteps and poor choices. Nice to see him in a romantic light as he finds a short-term amorous tryst.

From the moment you turn the first page there is nonstop action and mystery. The narrative is gritty, not lacking surprises along with a variety of supporting characters. Rusty’s magician expertise pulls him out of a few tough encounters as he frantically searches and encounters several colorful miscreants. This latest fiasco has left Rusty deep in contemplation, looking forward to where Williams takes his fractured protagonist, certainly could go a million different directions.

Great ending, can’t wait to see what happens next with Rusty and delve more into his past life in Las Vegas.


•Paperback, 266 pages
•Expected publication: October 20th 2015 by Diversion Books
•ISBN13: 9781626817784


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