Review & Giveaway: The War Reporter: A Novel by Martin Fletcher


A breathtaking tale of love, war, and redemption.

After closing the book I kept thinking of all the war correspondents – the ravages they witness, bloodshed embedded in their memory, terrifying nightmares, for some like Tom they experience hardcore trauma first hand. Whatever the circumstances it left me contemplating how many suffer from PTSD. With all certitude there are more Tom Layne’s suffering silently as their family and friends remain helpless in what to do. No doubt a dangerous occupation where your life is on the line continuously, danger lurking at every corner. I have always held war correspondents in high esteem but more so after reading Fletcher’s enthralling and brutal story of the Serbia-Croatia War.

Tom, Nina, Nick their chemistry and combined stories grip your attention. Tom and Nina tethered forever through the unthinkable, able to understand what each has endured and continues to struggle with years later. I love their chemistry together along with their tender romantic connection. Tom’s quest for revenge seeking Ratko Mladic is exciting, his intelligence and motivation makes his search intriguing and fascinatingly dangerous. Fletcher excels in sketching a well-defined portrait of a war journalist in the heat of battle as well as the aftermath of war atrocities, a balanced emotional glimpse.

Fletcher’s journalistic expertise paired with his stellar career to draw upon, his eloquent writing provides such an exciting story equal measures memoir, and thriller.


Enter for a chance to win a copy of The War Reporter, please complete the giveaway form below. Open to US residents only. Ends 9/1/15


•Hardcover, 320 pages
•Expected publication: October 6th 2015 by Thomas Dunne Books
•ISBN13: 9781250070029


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