Sign Ups for Literary Blog Hop

My Book Self


The theme of this hop is literary books. The books given away must be of literary merit. NO YA, NA, MG, Urban fiction – uncertain please ask. YES, beautiful Judith at Leeswammes’ Blog gave her blessing for My Book Self to host this fun hop. If you’re looking for a YA type giveaway/hop or a differing theme please check out these lovely ladies – Kathy from I Am A Reader and Val from Stuck In Books, they offer a wide range of giveaway/hops.

Giveaway/Hop Rules
▪︎Must follow the theme of the hop
▪︎Multiple books and giveaways allowed (GENTLY USED books permitted)
▪︎Gift cards allowed (MINIMUM GC value $10)
▪︎MUST NOT require a purchase to win
▪︎Must be an actual giveaway
▪︎You are responsible for furnishing the giveaway and supplying it to the winner
▪︎MUST include the Hop banner
▪︎MUST include the linky or a link to My Book Self post
▪︎Total of…

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