The Alcatraz Rose: A Lawrence Kingston Mystery by Anthony Eglin


A multi-layered adventure that starts with an innocent cry for help, but turns into a treacherous roller coaster ride that ends with lives hanging in the balance—including Lawrence Kingston’s

Eglin’s writing effectual, capturing your attention.

Featuring a rose as a point of interest in the narrative is original and educational. Lush descriptions almost allow you to inhale the scent of this remarkably stunning extraordinaire flower. Braiding three individual stories together performed with ease by Eglin. Wonderful historical events and places validate Eglin’s immaculate research. The mystery aspect well done, speculating until the very end, at least for this reader.

Delightful sagacious mystery, thoroughly piquing my interest for other books in the series with a smart and intriguing botanist professor and honorary amateur sleuth – Lawrence Kingston, quite the English gent you’ll want to stroll gardens with, stopping to smell the roses.

Wonderful character and content worthy of notice, how this capable author slipped under my radar until now will remain the ultimate mystery. Highly recommend.

Paperback, 229 pages
Published by Larkspur Books (first published November 17th 2014)
ISBN13: 9781502707031


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