Corporate Cowboy: How Maverick Entrepreneur Stuart Anderson built Black Angus, the Number 1 Restaurant Chain of the 1980 by Stuart Anderson w/ Giveaway


Those of you familiar with me know I am by no means a foodie. However, I find myself fascinated by the food industry and its machinations. I enjoy reading of chefs, the restaurant business and really any subject matter pertaining to food – just don’t ask me to step in the kitchen to cook, clean up – yes, that’s my preference. Pretty obvious my disclaimer on NOT being a foodie speaks volumes.

I was curious to read Stuart Anderson’s story and I was not disappointed. I am very familiar with his former chain of restaurants bearing his name, def a hot spot in the 80’s, at least in my area.

He tells of his successes and missteps. Gives extremely helpful tips for those pursuing the demanding field of restaurateur. He is brutally honest as he reveals his keen insight into this stressful demanding and potentially rewarding field.

He shares bits and pieces from his beginning, his reign as king and his decision to retire and call it quits. His style is upbeat and personal leaving the reader feeling as if they are spending time with a close friend.

The best part, he shares some of the most delicious recipes towards the end of the book. He also shares his challenge with diabetes along with more than helpful suggestions in the management of this serious issue.

A must read for anyone interested in the restaurant/food industry. If you are contemplating opening a restaurant, I assure you his tips will make sure you’ve given minute details great thought. A wonderful glimpse into a man that had more than a successful restaurant run willing to help others achieve their dreams and success.

I enjoyed learning from this 91 year old man with plenty of business savvy and insight. His experiences ring deep. A quick read worth your time, recipes alone make the book a keeper.

Book Synopsis:

Restaurant Management: First Hand Lessons from the King of Steak Houses
Black Angus Beef Chain Founder shares business tips, food recipes and personal memoir

Stuart Anderson had led a fascinating life for the past 90 years. He built Black Angus, America’s #1 restaurant chain of the 1980s, and ranched on a 26,000 acre spread where he raised cattle. His circle of friends has included Hollywood stars and corporate bigwigs. You’ll discover his personal history is a lot like the man – larger than life!

Anyone seeking to go into the restaurant business or moving into a food industry management position will benefit from the lessons offered in this book as Stuart Anderson shares both his success and failures. Told with wit, simple cowboy logic and clever business savvy, there are numerous vignettes included in this memoir to include tales from World War II, Business Startups, Management Feuds, Love Affairs, Community Service and semi-Retirements.

Aside from the personal story and professional information, readers – especially those who ever ate at a Black Angus restaurant in the past – most notably in the 1980s – will enjoy such recipes like the BLACK ANGUS POTATOES AU GRATIN, ORIGINAL BLACK ANGUS RANCH BREAD, BREAKFAST STIR FRY and BAKED STEAK WITH MUSTARD SAUCE just to name a few.

Note: The author, diabetic himself, also offers menu ideas for “special” diet needs.

About Stuart Anderson:

Stuart Anderson was the founder of the Number 1 full-service imagerestaurant chain in the Nation. He grew his original concept of a one-price steak dinner from one restaurant to 122 before he retired in the 80’s when these polls were taken that made them No. 1. The chain still exists primarily on the West Coast. He was also a rancher for over 30 years with a beautiful ranch in Central Washington State where he raised Black Angus cattle and Clydesdale horses.

He spent most of his life in Washington until moving to the beautiful Desert in Southern California. He has two wonderful daughters, two grandsons and about to have his first great grandson. He and his wife traveled extensively over a good part of the world and around America in their motor home. They especially loved train travel and enjoying retirement. Stuart is currently 91 years young!

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Where to buy the book:

Barnes & Nobles

This giveaway is open for U.S. only.  One of three copies available or a $50 Amazon Gift Card.  Click HERE to enter giveaway. Thanks so much to iRead Book Tours for organizing this great tour. Don’t forget to visit the other stops on this tour. Click HERE to view the full tour schedule and see the list of participating blogs.



8 thoughts on “Corporate Cowboy: How Maverick Entrepreneur Stuart Anderson built Black Angus, the Number 1 Restaurant Chain of the 1980 by Stuart Anderson w/ Giveaway

    • Oh my gosh yes!! The recipes sound delicious, a few are from the restaurant so…if you ever dined at a Stuart Anderson Black Angus you will def enjoy a few provided. Great all around book with fabulous tips, I like the fact he was completely open sharing from his learning experiences both good and bad. Worth your reading time! Thank you for commenting and visiting.


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