Adding Doses of HOPE Daily Foundation


I recently reviewed Donata: In the Mind of a Victim by Donata Joseph. In this soul-bearing book, Donata Joseph reveals why she stayed in a seven-year abusive relationship and the incident that motivated her to leave.

As you know, in my review I also shared my experience with abuse.

I rarely veer from literary posts, I navigate off course when a platform means a great deal to me. Donata’s project is a platform I support and I hope my followers will show their generosity. With the holiday season on our heels, please feel benevolent, skip the coffee from your favorite coffee house, forgo the mistletoe and give to a worthy project with endless potential to inform and perhaps change lives. Thank you for your time and attention.

About this project

Goal: To purchase 120 books to donate to teens through Adding Doses of HOPE Daily Foundation. We would love, in the near future to purchase 1000 books to donate. This will be the first Kickstart campaign to work towards that goal…

There is no better feeling then to know that during this holiday season you will personally be a part of making a change in the life of an individual. With your donation we will purchase more books that will be offered during our workshops. Our workshops will cover the topics in the book DONATA: In the Mind of a Victim… our goal is prevention not intervention. If we can get to our teens before they are caught up in an abusive relationship we can decrease the statistics of women that are victims of abuse.

Growing up I didn’t see relationships where there was domestic violence involved so surviving a 7 year abusive relationship and now sharing my story is powerful. Unfortunately domestic violence happens more then we ever want to imagine. One out of 3 teens and 1 out of 4 women we be, have been or are currently in an abusive relationship. How many teens and women do you know? My own sister didn’t know that I was in an abusive relationship. She noticed I wasn’t acting the same and she didn’t like my boyfriend but she never knew what I went through till I wrote my blog 2 years ago.

This book is powerful. It not only tells my story but explains the steps I took to rebuild myself. Knowing how to come out is half the battle, learning how to stay out is the other half. This book is for all to read, those watching a loved one deal with an abusive partner, those that have come out of an abusive relationship and for individuals that need an extra kick to build themselves up so they don’t find themselves in an abusive relationship. One organization we are looking to partner with alone book count need is 200.

Mental, emotional and physical abusive happens everyday. Help us spread awareness through your donation.

Click HERE to donate to Donata’s project, help her reach her goal. Thank you.


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