Donata: In the Mind of a Victim by Donata Joseph w/ Giveaway

Publisher: Adding Doses of HOPE Daily
Release Date: December 7, 2014

I commend Donata for sharing her story. She is candid in the telling of her story and the reader will be deeply affected. I admire her courage for ending her abusive marriage and I applaud her for explaining her reasons for staying so many years under the thumb of such violence. With her unabridged candor she opens the door to a sensitive, ignored and misunderstood topic.

Not only does Donata share her experience with domestic violence but she gives signs for women to be aware of a potential abuser. Statistics are noted leaving you staggered. She also includes several organizations providing aid.

This is a must read for females of all ages, learn the signals, educate yourself on the myriad of ways abuse reveals itself. Donata discusses the phases of abuse, again doling out preventative information so measures can be taken and awareness is commonplace. This is not only a story of a woman’s survival but a handbook of sorts for empowerment.

The greatest gift we can give females is the gift of knowledge, empowerment and self esteem. The value of self worth is essential in the fight against domestic violence.

After I read Donata’s story it occurred to me society continually asks the ignorant question of Why didn’t she leave? Why does/did she stay? INSTEAD society should be asking the ABUSER Why did you hit her? How could you do that to a woman? Why didn’t you get help? Why? The questions need to be answered AND directed to the ABUSER NOT THE VICTIM/SURVIVOR.

I am a survivor, albeit not anywhere on the level of Donata’s situation. I was four months pregnant when I experienced my FIRST AND LAST taste of domestic violence. I walked away immediately and never returned, vowing to never be treated as such in this lifetime again. No one knew of my situation, not surprising since society assumes all is well if signs aren’t obvious, stereotypes aren’t fed. What goes on behind closed doors is unknown until it escalates to the point of recognition.

Once again, this is a must read, this could save a life, be the life ring someone desperately needs, this could be the answer the woman behind unsuspecting closed doors needs. Donata’s story could end the torture a 16 year old girl is facing but doesn’t know where or who to turn to due to fear or embarrassment. Highly highly recommend this informative and inspiring story depicting the facts and truth of domestic violence from a woman who survived seven years of hell, desperate to piece together her life and that of her son. A brutally honest voice from the mind of a victim turned survivor.

In this soul-bearing book, Donata Joseph reveals why she stayed in a seven-year abusive relationship and the incident that motivated her to leave.

She talks honestly about the judgmental remarks elicited from family and friends who did not understand the emotional, familial and financial complexity of her situation or why she did not recognize herself as a victim.

In a heart-wrenching chapter, Ms. Joseph discusses the impact her abusive relationship had on her two teen daughters and young son and the ensuing parent-child conversations that changed all of their lives.

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, consider recommending this book. Ms. Joseph wraps up her knowledge, wisdom and advice in a non-threatening package delivered with compassion and understanding.

About Donata Joseph
Donata Joseph is a motivational speaker who is passionate about image encouraging, empowering and elevating individuals in all walks of life. Whether it’s through her non-profit organization Adding Doses of HOPE Daily Foundation or through her all natural skincare line DONATA, she endeavors to make and impact on the lives of others.

“Use the darkness of your past to propel you to a brighter future.” – Donata Joseph

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Thrilled to be participating in the tour for Donata Joseph’s Donata: In the Mind of a Victim, be sure to check out the entire tour schedule here, it runs through 22 December. Thank you Virtual Book Tour Café

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9 thoughts on “Donata: In the Mind of a Victim by Donata Joseph w/ Giveaway

  1. Wow such a moving story. I am so glad Donata got out of that relationship. It is sad to say I know several women who have been abused both emotionally & physically. I’m glad women are finally coming forward and telling their stories, and helping other women to know the signs. So they too can get out before it’s too late.

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    • Lea Ann, thank you for reading my post and commenting. I agree, more women need to open up regarding their experience with abuse – a huge reason why I shared part of my story. The violence needs to STOP now, hopefully with the Ray Rice incident more eyes are open and voices heard. Donata shared her story along with an abundance of knowledge, hopefully one woman can change her life for the better with Donata’s candor.

      Thank you again, for stopping by, greatly appreciated.

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  2. Lea so many are in an abusive relationship emotionally and physically and don’t even realize it. Hope the women you know have healed from their past because that in itself is another big issue. If you can share this page with them you never know how much more you can impact their life. I’ve had so many women tell me that my blog from 2 years ago helped them connect the pieces from relationships as far back as 10 years ago… can’t wait for them to get the book. Thank you for your comment on this page 🙂

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  3. Melinda, thank you for hosting my book tour and even more for your input about the book. It means a lot to hear other women open up, it’s healing. Look forward to sharing more stories to continue to impact the lives of women and teens. 🙂

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    • My pleasure Donata. I thank you for sharing such a difficult time in your life. I wish you never suffered such abuse. Your courage and honesty is truly an inspiration. I do hope ALL females of every age read your book. No one deserves such treatment, no one. Thank YOU for including me in your tour, quite an honor. Thank you for allowing me to share bits of my ordeal. Liberating, secrets suffocate, I’m glad I can breathe.

      Liked by 1 person

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