The Shiro Project by David Khara w/ Giveaway

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The Shiro Project
by David Khara
(translated by Sophie Weiner)
Release date: November 18, 2014
at Le French Book
250 pages
ISBN: 978-1939474247

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This is one riveting narrative. I could not put this down, definitely commence reading when responsibilities won’t demand your time and attention, you won’t be able to loosen your grip from this fast paced enthralling story. At first the reader is lead to believe the core of the plot is so far out there but….as the story unravels you discover anything is possible as it screams plausibility. The characters come across as realistic and down right believable through actions, behaviors, thoughts and back story’s. A part of me weakened for Eytan. Heck even hardcore Elena tugged at my heart. No doubt this is one major league compelling thriller ending all too soon, leaving the reader craving more. I have not had the privilege of reading THE BLEIBERG PROJECT, the first installment in the series but I plan on remedying this issue by running out and purchasing it pronto. Reading THE SHIRO PROJECT as a standalone posed no problem, unless motivating me to run out and snag book one is a problem. I cannot wait until THE MORGENSTERN PROJECT is available in the US. Referring to this trilogy as epic is an understatement, this is one amazing trilogy, biting my nails, as I anxiously await THE MORGENSTERN PROJECT. Highly highly recommend.


When yesterday’s enemies become today’s best allies and when mankind seems on the verge of repeating the errors of the past, what can a lone man do against the madness that is bound to follow? After his mentor is kidnapped, a Mossad agent teams up with his worst foe, but first must face himself. He is enlisted against his will in a fight that’s not his own and takes him from present-day Czech Republic to past Manchuria. He has to put an end to the activities of a mysterious group who have gotten their hands on weapons of mass destruction. What do Japanese war camps, US Army research and an annihilated modern-day Czech village all have in common? [provided by the publisher]
The book contains some violence



French author David Khara, a former reporter, top-level sportsman, and entrepreneur, has always been a writer.Shiro project David Khara
After studying law, he stepped into journalism working for Agence France Press,
and then became creative director for several advertising companies.
He loves new technologies and started his own company at the age of twenty-four,
becoming an online business pioneer for French industries.
He then focused his life on writing fiction.
In 2010, he published The Bleiberg Project, which became an immediate success in France.
David Khara is also an accomplished athlete in fencing and rubgy, and he even played football as a linebacker.
He acknowledges that his culture is a much American as it is French, since he spent a lot of time in West Virginia and Manhattan,
and is an avid fan of writers such as Dennis Lehane.

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Sophie Weiner is a freelance translator and book publishing assistant from Baltimore, Maryland. After earning degrees in French from Bucknell University and New York University, Sophie went on to complete a master’s in literary translation from the Sorbonne, where she focused her thesis on translating wordplay in works by Oulipo authors. She has translated and written for web-based companies dedicated to art, cinema, and fashion as well as for nonprofit organizations. Growing up with Babar, Madeline, and The Little Prince, Sophie was bitten by the Francophile bug at an early age, and is fortunate enough to have lived in Paris, Lille, and the Loire Valley.

This giveaway is open internationally, 5 copies available. US residents – print or digital copies. Digital for all other residents. Click Here To Enter The Giveaway. Thanks so much to France Book Tours for organizing this great tour. Don’t forget to visit the other stops on this tour. Click Here to view the full tour schedule and see the list of participating blogs.

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