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This week we continue with the Literature Posts dedicated this month to the genre of Horror. This week I present anthologies of short stories, written by some of the most recognized current writers in the field of horror. Each anthology contains short stories all written by a single author, but as I mentioned, they are among the most respected ones in the genre of horror.


01 Stephen King – Night Shift

This author is of one the most prolific in the genre, and even in the case of anthologies, he has written several ones and all have been well received, so I chose the first anthology published.

“Night Shift” is an anthology featuring 20 short stories, several of which were previously published in magazines and collected for the first time in this anthology, some other stories are totally unprecedented and first appeared here.

Two of the short stories “Jerusalem’s Lot” and “One for the Road” are sequels to his second novel “‘Salem’s Lot”.

Several of these short stories have even been adapted for TV and films, such as “Sometimes They come back”, “Trucks”, “The Lawnmower Man”, “Quitters, Inc.”, “The Ledge,” The Mangler “,” The Graveyard Shift “, and of course the very popular “Children of the Corn “.


02Dean Koontz – Strange Highways

This author is also one of the most popular in the genre of horror writers and this is his best known anthology.

“Strange Highways” is an anthology of 14 short stories (12 stories and 2 novellas), which some highlights are “Strange Highways”, “Chase”, “Kittens”, “The Black Pumpkin” and the very popular “Trapped”.


03 Joe Hill – 20th Century Ghosts

This author, whose real name is Joseph Hillstrom King, has the distinction of being one of the sons of Stephen King, who decided to use the pseudonym “Joe Hill” (a shortened variation of his real name) to break into the literary market without the advantage of its extremely popular father. When he had already achieved to publish several of his short stories, the media was able to discover his family link with Stephen King, which he simply accepted as true. But by then, he already had a lot of respect in literary circles.

“20th Century Ghosts” is his first book published and is an anthology collecting all the short stories that were published at the time, in various magazines and edited anthologies. This anthology consists of 19 short stories, of which some of the highlights are: “20th Century Ghost”, “Best New Horror”, “Pop Art”, “The Black Phone”, “The Cape” and “My Father’s Mask “.


04Clive Barker – Books of Blood

This is one of the most respected writers of horror, of British origin, which became very popular with the creation of the series of films of “Hellraiser”.

“Books of Blood” is an anthology originally published in 6 volumes, and now you can also find them in two omnibus editions gathering three books each.

The anthology brings together 30 short stories, some highlights are: “The Book of Blood”, “Rawhead Rex”, “The Last Illusion”, “The Body Politic”, “The Midnight Meat Train”, “Dread “, “The Yatteting and Jack” and of course “The Forbidden” which served as inspiration for the film “Candyman”.Richard Laymon – Fiends


05  Robert R. McCammon – Blue World

This author is also one of the most respected writers in the horror genre, easily entering in the same level and style of King and Koontz.

“Blue World” is an anthology of 13 short stories (12 stories and one novella) where some of the highlights are: “Blue World”, “Nightcrawlers”, “Night calls The Green Falcon”, “Yellowjacket Summer” and the very popular and shocking “Pin”.



This author, who already died, though American, he is much more popular in England and other European countries. However, Dean Koontz has encouraged and supported his work, to be made him more known in the United States, as well as before as after that he passed away.

“Fiends” is one of his anthologies, which brings together 13 short stories, of which some of the hightlights are: “Fiends”, “Out of the Woods”, “Eats”, “Slit” and “Desert PickUp”.

 07Ramsey Campbell – Alone with the Horrors

This author is certainly one of the authors who are living legends in the field of horror, where his work has appeared in hundreds of edited anthologies and his own novels.

Campbell has published several anthologies, but is “Alone with the Horrors” considered one of the best anthologies covering much of his best short stories from 1961 to 1991 and even many of them had never been collected before.

The anthology brings together 39 short stories, of which, some of the highlights are: “Cold Print”, “The Chimney”, “Mackintosh Willy,” “Where the Heart is”, “Old Clothes”, etc …

08 Joe R. Lansdale – The Best of …

This author is extremely popular and has established himself in the field of horror and fantasy, which has published many stories even also combining the aforementioned genres with the one of “western”.

“The Best of Joe R. Lansdale”, as the title suggests, is an anthology of the best of his short stories published in the last 20 years.

This anthology brings together 16 short stories where some of the highlights are: “Bubba Ho-Tep”, “Godzilla’s Twelve-Step Program,” “Incident On and Off a Mountain Road”, “On the Far Side of the Cadillac Desert with Dead Folks “, etc …

09Bentley Little – The Collection

This is an author who began his career in the late 80s and since then has become one of the favorite horror authors.

“The Collection” is an anthology of 39 short stories where some of the highlights are: “The Dark Woods be”, “Estoppel”, “The Phone Book Man”, “Bumblebee”, “The Idol”, “Skin “,” The Show “, “The Murmurous Haunt of Flies”, etc …




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