Hell to Pay by Garry Disher

imageA modern western set in an isolated Australian bush town with a soaring crime rate, where a local constable with a troubled past must investigate the death of a teenage girl whose murder threatens to set the dusty streets ablaze.

Excellent crime fiction with a superb ending. Disher’s prose is outstanding

The main protagonist, Hirsch is well developed. He is a man of few words possessing a fierce depth, vibrant in a subtle manner. His authenticity is appealing, you undoubtedly find yourself captivated by this average yet exceptional man.

Disher is well know in Australia and quite successful with his many writings. This is my first go and based on my experience will not be my last. His writing is stellar, riveting along with a highly entertaining narrative and characters. Worthy of notice from the US market. US Crime fiction fans will appreciate the wrongly unfamiliar Disher and his tight writing style and keen eye regarding a clever narrative. Definitely add this to your shelf, no way will this disappoint. Garry Disher, an author I plan on familiarizing myself with while enjoying every minute.

Published June 24th 2014 by Soho Crime (first published October 2013)
Pages 320
ISBN13: 9781616953959
A copy provided in exchange for an honest review
Reviewer: Melinda

Recommendation: 4/5


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