Philosophy From The Armchair


I used to think the meaning of life involved determining your own specific purpose. What I’m beginning to believe now: find a purpose.

All too often I find myself fretting over what my one particular purpose is..and all the while passing over meaningful tasks feeling as though they won’t amount to anything profound. Seems I’m reluctant to find the one thing I’m after. Purpose.

Why is that? Perhaps fear of succeeding, or my unwillingness to give up the fighting search, the thrill of the seek, not wishing to commit to any one single task for a good length of time for fear I may be missing out on other opportunities while being rooted in something that may lead nowhere?

Sound familiar? My advice, to you and as a reminder for myself, determine your passions. Choose one, explore it today. Tomorrow? Continue to explore that one, or another..see where it leads.

Granted, I don’t claim to possess a roadmap to your purpose, perhaps instead…helpful directions to guide your way. Use it as you wish, and please..if you have any suggestions, share. Strangely enough, our journeys and destinations are more similar than we may realize.



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