Philosophy From The Armchair


As important as it is to express your inner message, rather than keep it confined inside and near to bursting, does it matter in what style it emerges? If you think with big words, then write big words. An audience does not exist when your mind’s life blood is traced in ink. Fretting over potential readers of your work will hinder your flow, you’re not selling books, you’re unloading baggage.

I do however prefer to form my words artfully. Fewer words, chosen carefully, conveying multiple levels of meaning, fits my style of expression closer. Long fancy words have narrow and specific meanings, leaving little room for interpretation and incorporation of the readers own self into what’s being read. Give the reader latitude for self involvement in your work.

An audience shouldn’t be in your mind when you’re initially dumping the ideas, thoughts, spirituous words..your choice if you wish to affect others with those words later, after you’ve beautified and simplified your portrayal.

Great ideas come from a variety of sources. One magnificent individual introduced me to six-word poems. Minimal amount of wording, maximum artistic quality, multiple layers of meaning. Dig deep, choose carefully, amaze yourself.



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