Philosophy From The Armchair


Everything happens for a reason. So say the blanket optimists. Admittedly, no event is governed entirely by randomness, there exists some level of ‘reason’ in all happenings.

I would consider it more accurate to state : ‘A reason happens for everything.’ More specifically, ‘A reason can be formulated for any event occurring in our sphere of experience.’

By assigning reason to specific events can we term that optimism, or realism? Perhaps a little of both. Regardless, a forward thinker will attach meaning to events in their lives striving for personal betterment.

Significant events in one’s life are far removed from the realm of randomness. Events occur as offshoots of prior happenings, a continual undulating wave of occurrences in which we are all entwined. With this in mind, there is no significant event in our lives borne from randomness.

What is the boundary between a significant and non significant event?
Brownian motion is insignificant, largely random, haphazard movement of molecules. Significance takes the stage when randomness falls into the shadows and becomes non existent.

Reason begins at the threshold of our minds’ influence of surrounding physical systems. We cannot assign reason to simple random insignificant molecular motion but we CAN, for example, lend reason to running into a friend unexpectedly and they affecting your sphere of experience in a significant manner.

The smallest level of events at which our minds can influence, we can apply reason to those happenings. Our thoughts are not random, therefore these events are not random. Therefore reason exists in those events.

What comes first, events or reason? Doesn’t matter, but remember there’s order among the chaos, embrace that concept and do not allow the spectre of randomness to envelop you.



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