Philosophy From The Armchair


I don’t have time to think about what I want, there are too many things demanding my attention as it is. Sound familiar? I’m sure it does, although what you may not realize is your first priority is to yourself. Not selfish, but must take care of yourself in order to be anything but a detriment to others.

The final hour of the day belongs to you, claim it, and shut out everything non essential. A quiet house, calm surroundings, silence the external obligations to allow the inner needs and wants a chance to make themselves known.

Too often we convince ourselves the solution to our problems is mired and lost in the outside world. We must immerse ourselves, get lost and nearly drown within the junkyard of everyday distraction. Not so, the answers lie within. Take an opportunity and listen to what your inner self is saying to you. The idea may sound ridiculous at first but allow it to settle. The key is to listen to your Self, find out how to nourish and satisfy, then your external existence will blosom.

A brilliant friend of mine introduced this concept to me and I’ve applied it to my own situation. Admittedly, initially it felt strange but further thought and reflection yielded some welcomed revelations. Everyone has an inner voice, keep an open mind, and pencil and paper yourself.



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