Prague Tales by Jan Neruda


Prague Tales
Jan Neruda

Reviewer: Kevin
Recommendation: 4/5

From Goodreads
Collection of Jan Neruda’s intimate, wry, bitter-sweet stories of life among the inhabitants of Mala Strana, the Little Quarter of nineteenth century Prague. These finely tuned and varied vignettes established Neruda as the quintessential Czech nineteenth century realist, the Charles Dickens of a Prague becoming ever more aware of itself as a Czech, rather than an Austrian city. Prague Tales is a classic story whose influence has been acknowledged by generations of Czech writers, including Ivan Klima, who has contributed an introduction to this new translation.

My thoughts
This is a wonderful book of short stories. There are the loveliest stories that underscore the reason why one would like books of this genre and of authors of his time and place. His writing displays the right pace and keeps apt mood that thrills the reader anytime. Words are like morning dew melting into earth’s lap, so silent and soft that you only cherish the glitter in its passing one after another. No more words from me, lest it should distort any better impression on the purity of his work!


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