Philosophy From The Armchair


Take a look at that mirror. The one over there, reflecting an individual unsure of their purpose. Mmmm, don’t look away, maintain your gaze, feel the urgency rushing through you..tomorrow I’ll concern myself which such things, now, drift, set aside the compelling force driving me to search within for my true path.

Seems I’m preoccupied with such things, purpose, reasons for existence. Began long ago as a fleeting thought, an inkling toward a deeper truth hidden plainly within daily life. Significant events in our lives open your eyes wider and allow the mundane and pointless to be filtered. The fabric becomes visible, interwoven events leave subtle patterns to be detected by the willing, the observant.

There is a separation between the obvious and the fabric binding all together. The gap widens as you look deeper, festers when ignored, but never closes. Once glimpsed, denial remains a near impossibility. Widens not because there is less of a connection, but rather more of your consciousness resides in this interim space.

And so, I continue to gaze into that mirror, for another week at least, and note any subtle undulations in the image of me, and my surroundings.



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