Philosophy From The Armchair


I wrote, and the words came. The burden of thought and baggage long ago piled on and layered deep and heavy, eroded away only by a river of self expression. Mirrors were avoided as often as internal reflection.

Reduce distractions. There are those nearby who can provide direction and enlightenment though you must be able to see them, bring them to you. I’ve found one, she provides me with challenges, to face the depth of learned loathing.

A method to unleash, ample encouragement, provision of a venue, draw from the murky waters and be amazed with what rises to the surface. Don’t think you have nothing lurking, no lead weights dragging you under and keeping you from reaching the shore.

Identify your hindrance, determine your method, seek an advocate and move forward. At which point, you reach behind to lead another from the brink of drowning on poisonous self loathing.



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