Philosophy From The Armchair


Have you been here before? Does any of this seem familiar to you? Walking through each day with a vague sense of familiarity, and an overwhelming feeling of uncertain purpose seems to be the norm for many of us today.

If we combine philosophy, history, quantum mechanics, metaphysics, a common thread becomes apparent under the dusty undergrowth. Our minds are trained to see patterns, and unfortunately such patterns are often dismissed as coincidences when they at first seem unexplainable.

Be open to the possibility that the stage may be much larger than we can imagine. This allows for growth into that space, giving you the opportunity to expand and develop and realize new potentials.

A friend taught me the value of dreams, and the messages being presented in this medium. Pay particular attention to the major ideas and themes being presented, certainly keep a record of recurring dreams and your feelings during such events, and certainly as well upon waking.

I believe the vast majority of us have been here before, and any clues to who you may have been in past lives, will certainly lend insight into who you are today, and what you’re here to accomplish.



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