Review: The Evolution of God by Robert Wright

The Evolution of God
Robert Wright
Little, Brown and Company June 8, 2009
576 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0316734912

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Reviewer : Kevin
Recommendation: 3/5

From Goodreads
In this sweeping narrative that takes us from the Stone Age to the Information Age, Robert Wright unveils an astonishing discovery: there is a hidden pattern that the great monotheistic faiths have followed as they have evolved. Through the prisms of archaeology, theology, and evolutionary psychology, Wright’s findings overturn basic assumptions about Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and are sure to cause controversy. He explains why spirituality has a role today, and why science, contrary to conventional wisdom, affirms the validity of the religious quest. And this previously unrecognized evolutionary logic points not toward continued religious extremism, but future harmony.
Nearly a decade in the making, The Evolution of God is a breathtaking re-examination of the past, and a visionary look forward.

My thoughts
I must admit that I liked this book, and it enlightened me about the concept of ‘God’. It tells you how mesmerized you are by religious teachings about ‘God’ ! Men are born without religion. Imagine the situation where, once he had found his God in natural marvels which he had no control upon, like fire, wind, water (flood),Sun etc. etc. ‘God’ evolved along with the evolution of culture, and religion came into being, the most powerful weapon that binds people together or make them fight to death in the modern world. The book gives you insights about many things – Abrahamic religions : Judaism, Islam, Christianity – ; teaches you about zero-sum_non-zero-sum situations, and such.

But, this Scholar, the author fails when it comes to defining ‘God’. The attempt to define the ‘moral good’ or ‘God’ only proves how skewed the horizons of human perception can be when it touches a subject of that kind!!

But the attempts to find historical truth and folly about Abrahamic religions, and throwing lights on evolution of Hunter-gatherer societies into a modern ‘religious’ society are commendable. I would like to recommend this book for all those who really dream about the advent of communal harmony and reconciliation of the West with the rest of the ‘Pagan world’.


2 thoughts on “Review: The Evolution of God by Robert Wright

  1. Mal, how careful you are. It’s wonderful that you applied the minute correction that I had suggested in my succeeding mail of the review.  That was the reason behind my curiosity…. 🙂 Really feel humbled… great going Mal.


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