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Sunday will feature Alejandro’s Much Ado About Books as he comments on several genres and authors with the goal to encourage the habit of reading.

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This week in the Literarature Post, I have chosen to dedicate again to the topic of Biographies and True Stories, that I already made ​​one alike a while ago and since it was so well received, I plan to keep doing it every certain time with similar posts. As always, I tried to choose personalities from different fields, not-known people to have lived unusual experiences, research books about famous events in history, even books on contemporary issues, as you see, the most varied possible as always to achieve cover as much possible tastes and interests. I hope some of these books would call your attention and if not, then also motivate you to seek your own biographical book of interest that may impulse you to read. Read, any book, just read.

Esther Grace Earl

Some of you may be familiar with the fiction novel “The Fault in Our Stars” by the writer John Green which was recently made into a movie adaptation, still in theaters right now. But have you knew that this fictional story is inspired in a real life?

Esther Grace Earl is the girl in which Green relied to write his famous novel and that is even dedicated to her. And in this book there is an introduction written by John Green himself.

In this wonderful book there are excerpts from her personal diaries, letters, sketches and even fictional writings, all of which made Esther Grace Earl herself, also photographs and essays by her family and friends to built her amazing life and her courageous battle against cancer where sadly she left us in 2010 at age of 16 years old.

Titled “This will not go out Star: The Life and Words of Esther Grace Earl” is a testimony that the impact that our lives make on others should not be measured by time but by the way of how we have lived.


Many people have their own favorite soccer players and certainly there are many world soccer stars, but at the end, when it comes to choosing the King of Soccer, the biggest star that this sport has seen, the Best Soccer Player of all time, there is only one, and that is Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known to the world as … PELÉ!

And to be the best soccer player of all time is not just about having won three World Cups, having scored 1,283 goals in his career, nor any of the many, many won trophies, medals and cups, no, that all adds up certainly, but what has really consolidated Pele to win the hearts of everyone is that he was always and still is a gentleman on and off the soccer field. World Soccer Ambassador, spokesman of Unicef, among many other charities, his attitude and personality have proved that there is not only enough to score many goals, but to be a role model for children that is most important.

At a time when the eyes of the world are in Brazil and finally opening a museum in honor of Pelé in the city of Santos, is the best opportunity for Pelé to publish his biography titled “Why Soccer Matters”, told in his own words, not only narrating his iconic career in Soccer, but his whole journey promoting sport as a healthy activity for children keeping them away from drugs, supporting humanitarian causes and more.

Idols of Soccer, there are many … Pelé, there is only one!

Melissa Gilbert

Although her name is not known for some of you, for an entire generation, actress Melissa Gilbert was the girl who was the heart of the memorable television series “Little House on the Prairie”.

When Michael Landon took the challenge of bringing to television the book series written by the real Laura Ingalls-Wilder, he knew that a key role was to be the girl who embodied the author of the books and whose life would turn to be the stories of the adaptation to television, without a doubt, Michael Landon chose well when casting Melissa Gilbert which literally grew up along the nine seasons of the TV series with excellent family values ​​and life lessons.

In her biography titled “Prairie Tale”, Melissa Gilbert told in her own words her experiences during those years that she lived in a little house on the prairie and reach every week to homes around the planet.


It is almost infallible that you do not know who Saul Hudson, but his nickname “Slash” has become the most popular and well-known bassist of all time. He came to fame when the band “Guns N ‘Roses” was formed and although Axl Rose was the leader of the band, no one can doubt that Slash was the heart of the group, with his now iconic appearance wearing a top hat, dark glasses and long curly black hair. And is that Guns N ‘Roses became the hard rock band most famous 90s. And though the group disbanded, Slash’s talent as a bassist and guitarist was too big to disappear and has since made duo with many of the biggest stars of the music world such as Lenny Kravitz, Marta Sánchez (Olé Olé), Carole King, Alice Cooper, Ozzie Osbourne, Fergie, the band Aerosmith, AC / DC group, the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, the pop queen still alive Madonna and her duets have even put on the same stage with characters animation Disney Channel: Phineas & Ferb!

Slash has lived a life like few others, has been known to all, been around the world and has done it all, what all has not been right, but his biography is certainly anything but boring.

The Monuments Men

George Clooney was recently given himself the task of producing, directing, adapting the script and even to perform in the movie based on this book that has released recently telling a little known chapter of the Second World War.

Robert M. Edsel is the author of the book titled “The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History” which chronicles the daring task of six men who were museum directors, curators and art historians but enlisted in the armed forces of the Allies with a specific mission: To preserve the works of art in Europe.

Adolph Hitler had entire battalions of Nazis stealing artworks, paintings, sculptures, statues, etc … for what was to be the Reich Museum, where only the works that he had already pre-approved would be exhibited and the others simply would be destroyed.

Steal and destroy the art of countries, it’s taking away their culture and history, so these brave six men undertook a mission against the Nazis, often even without allied support and competing against the Russian Army which was advancing by its side running a similar job to seize the artwork of the devastated cities of Europe.

Not all heroes in war are those who kill their enemies, but those who are fighting to prevent the forces of evil to triumph.

Business without Bullsh*t

Geoffrey James for seven years has posted a blog about the business environment and the keys to success in the business world where this blog has become extremely popular having visitors from around the world, so this book has been given the task of putting to print the most relevant tips and pieces of wisdom from all those years of his blog.

This book whose full title is “Business Without the Bullsh*t: 49 Secrets and Shortcuts You Need to Know” shows that the business world is not as complicated as you think and that although each industry requires specific expertise of each, the general concept of “The Business of Business” is relatively simple. And although some may believe that this is another book of many on the business environment, here he talks about that without bullsh*t, telling about things as they are.

Templar Knights

The Knights Templar were a religious order of warrior monks who were key in the Crusades, established the concept of banks on the meaning of buildings where the values ​​of other people will be safeguard, counting with their own fleet of ships, responding only directly to the Pope and became the most feared and powerful military organization throughout Europe, however all this created envy and greed for what they had accumulated suffering a downfall being falsely accused of crimes and dismantling the order.

The author Susie Hodge wrote the book titled “Secrets of the Knights Templar: A Chronicle 1129-1312” telling the 183 years of the Order of the Templar Knights from the moment which the Pope officially recognized it until its disintegration at the hands of the King of France.

Frank W. Abagnale

In 2002 it arrived to cinema theaters the movie “Catch Me If you Can” directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, which is based on the biographical book originally published in 1980, which tells the story of Frank W . Abagnale, aka Frank Williams, aka Robert Conrad, aka Frank Adams, aka Ringo Monjo, which became the most famous con man, forger, impostor and escape artist in history, who was wanted by the police in 26 different countries and all 50 states of the United States of America. Frank W. Abagnale impersonated an airliner pilot, infiltrated hospital administrations, practised law without a license, passed as a college professor and even amassed $ 2.5 million in forged checks before age of 21 years old. Now working with the FBI, he is now the highest authority in recognition of forgery and scams. The life of Frank W. Abagnale was unparalleled in both sides of the law, and in his book “Catch Me if You Can” tells all his experiences.

The Romanov Sisters

They were like the “Princesses Diana” of their time, they were the Grand Duchesses: Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia Romanov, the young royals most photographed and commented on the early twentieth century, admired for their appearance, cheerful personalities and distinguished dresses.

The author Helen Rappaport narrates in detail how were the lives of the four sisters, accessing a previously unpublished letters, personal diaries and archival documents never before revealed, deepening in their different personalities, how were their interactions with the rest of the royal family, and how their lives were changing since the final days of Imperial Russia, World War I and the Russian Revolution, culminating in the dreaded basement where they been imprisoned and the subsequent idealized myth about the possibility of escape of Anastasia.






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