Review: The Son by Jo Nesbo

19101283The Son
Jo Nesbo
Knopf May 13, 2014 
Pages 401
ISBN13: 9780385351379
A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review

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Reviewer: Melinda
Recommendation 3/5

From Goodreads:
Sonny Lofthus, in his early thirties, has been in prison for the last dozen years: serving time for crimes he didn’t commit. In exchange, he gets an uninterrupted supply of heroin—and the unexpected stream of fellow prisoners seeking out his uncanny abilities to soothe and absolve. His addiction started when his father committed suicide rather than be exposed as a corrupt cop, and now Sonny is the center of a vortex of corruption: prison staff, police, lawyers, a desperate priest—all of them focused on keeping him stoned and jailed, and all of them under the thumb of Oslo’s crime overlord, the Twin. When Sonny learns some long-hidden truths about his father he makes a brilliant escape, and begins hunting down the people responsible for the hideous crimes he’s paid for. But he’s also being hunted, by the Twin, the cops, and the only person who knows the ultimate truth that Sonny is seeking. The question is, what will he do when they’ve cornered him?

My Thoughts
Jo Nesbo creates a riveting story of crime and corruption within the Oslo police department. No Harry Hole in The Son, fear not, the suspense, thrills and action are present and accounted for. A great standalone Nesbo fans will enjoy. Crime fiction at its best from the premier thrill king Nesbo.

The writing is average at best, however, the suspense compensates for the lack of strong writing. The Son will captivate your attention as you zoom through the excitement. Mayhem galore keeping the reader on their toes as you swiftly turn pages.

Undoubtedly this will be widely popular. Perfect for a film adaptation. Twists and turns, suspense – this book has all the ingredients for a successful crime fiction. Navigating through the plot is a no brainier but the suspense makes it worth while and darn good!

Another hit in the crime fiction genre from Jo Nesbo.


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