Philosophy From The Armchair


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Self expression can both be augemented as well as hindered by an audience. Myself, I tend to put restraint on my thoughts if I consider who may eventually be privy to them. My advice, ignore them, give your thoughts the best opportunity possible to see the light of your day.

I once made the mistake of suggesting to a friend ways to improve and beautify her words. Such words were shared with me because I was a trusted individual. Should I have offered opinions on how to alter thoughts expressed? Absolutely not, for they were magnificent on their own, simply because they came directly from deep within.

Quiet your surroundings, let the words surface, don’t edit, read after and fill in the blanks. Non hindrance. Whatever works for you, though I can say this much, minimal daily distractions from without and within will better allow your voice to be heard by you.

We all have words to get out, you needn’t be a writer to offload your burdens. Seek a venue, a forum, and choose your ideal environment to allow your burden to ease.




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