Review: Alraune by Hanns Heinz Ewers

Hanns Heinz Ewers
Birchgrove Press (August 13, 2013)
Pages: 340
ISBN-13: 978098719539

  Goodreads • Amazon

Recommendation: 4/5
Reviewer: Kevin 

“It was a common folklore in some countries that mandrake (the plant – Mandragora officinarum ) would only grow where the semen of a hanged man had dripped on to the ground; this would appear to be the reason for the methods employed by the alchemists who “projected human seed into animal earth”. In Germany, the plant is known as the Alraune: the novel (later adapted as a film) Alraune by Hanns Heinz Ewers is based on a soul-less woman conceived from a hanged man’s semen, the title referring to this myth of the mandrake’s origins.”

My thoughts
A unique work of fiction from an intelligent author.

The mystery that surrounds the plant Mandragora officinarum (mandrake plant) is beautifully crafted into a thrilling fiction that leaves the main character (Alraune) haunt you for long.

Beautiful read. Excellent illustration helps visualize the characters; it really makes the read more enjoyable!



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