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Sunday will feature Alejandro’s Much Ado About Books as he comments on several genres and authors with the goal to encourage the habit of reading.

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Continuing the cycle of detective novels in the phase of police, now I will comment about good options of book series about various police forces in the United States. This topic certainly has a lot of choices so I tried to choose familiar titles, but also not to repeat the same police department of certain city, and also trying to cover as much as possible the various agencies of enforcement of the law existing in the United States, also balancing between male and female characters. I do not pretend to be able to cover all the best, but I think it is good starting point for any reader who wishes to explore this type of novel set in the United States.

Lincoln Rhyme series

The famous writer Jeffery Deaver began in 1997, the book series the character of “Lincoln Rhyme” which was a great criminologist in the NYPD, head of a special investigations section, until he suffered an accident that left him quadriplegic. After that he considers suicide but a fellow police detective asks for his help in a case , and fate puts him in contact with Patrol Officer Amelia Sachs that was about to be transferred to desk job, but then she became of exceptional help to Rhyme, then he accepts to continue helping the police but if Sachs can be his “legs and eyes” on the field, examining crime scenes, which helped to Amelia Sachs to be promoted to detective.

The first novel, “The Bone Collector” was made ​​into a film with the participation of Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie.

The novel series has been very popular and from 1997 to date (2014) have been published 11 novels and a short story.

Alex Cross series

The prolific writer James Patterson, author of many different series of books, which in 1992 began the series with the character of “Alex Cross” which is a homicide detective in the Police Department from Washington, DC

Two of the novels, “Along Came a Spider” and “Kiss the Girls”, were adapted to movies with great success with the participation of Morgan Freeman, although altering the age and field experience in the police. Recently there was another film titled simply “Alex Cross” but this was not well received.

The book series has been extremely popular and since 1992 to date, have been published 21 novels, and # 22 and has been announced to come out this year, 2014.

Harry Bosch series

Michael Connelly is a famous writer, author of several successful book series, which began in 1992 with the series using the character “Harry Bosch”.

Hieronymus Bosch, better known as “Harry” was the son of a prostitute in Hollywood and a defense attorney, when his mother is killed, ending in an orphanage, then at 17 contacts his father only to sign his permission to enlist in the army and participated in the Vietnam War, after a few years, they give him the honorable discharge and joined the LAPD ascending to the position of Homicide Detective Supervisor.

The novels of “Harry Bosch” have been very popular and since 1992 to date have been published 16 novels.

Sheriff Walt Longmire series

Craig Johnson, who was born and lives in Wyoming, is the author of the series of books about Sheriff Walt Longmire, set in modern time at the county of Absaroka, Wyoming. The “modernization” has come to the quiet Absaroka County causing an imbalance with the respect for nature and the Indian culture which is prominent in the county. Sheriff Walt Longmire has the help of his Deputy Victoria “Vic” Moretti and his best Indian friend Henry Standing Bear.

The series of novels inspired a TV series entitled “Longmire” produced by A&E under the supervision of the author Craig Johnson, and starring Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff and Lou Diamond Phillips. The series already has 2 seasons and has been approved a third.

The book series has been popular and since 2004 to date has published 10 novels and 4 short stories.

Navajo Mysteries series

Tony Hillerman was a successful writer who died in 2008. In 1970, he began the series entitled “Navajo Mysteries” which focus on the Navajo Tribal Police, a police department formed by Indian citizens and deputized to enforce the law within the boundaries of the Navajo Reservation, in Window Rock, Arizona. During the novels he began using Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn, then joined the Sergeant Jim Chee, whom were the protagonists of his novels, alternating protagonism of both, until the writer’s death, when one of his daughters, Anne Hillerman, has continued his legacy with another novel where Officer Bernadette Manualito, Chee’s wife, is the protagonist of that novel.

From 1970 until 2006, Tony Hillerman published 18 novels, and after his death in 2008, Anne Hillerman, his daughter, published in 2013 the 19th novel in the series, which has been well received by fans of the book series.

Josie Gray series

Tricia Fields is a writer who began her career in 2011, and already it has had a positive impact with her book series with the character of “Josie Gray”, the Police Chief of the town of Artemis, Texas, a town too much away from the big cities and too much close to the border with Mexico, so that the danger of the Mexican drug cartels is a latent threat in this community who likes to do things for themselves and if they do not like the police to interfere in their “private” affairs, much less they like it when it is a woman who is the Chief of Police.

The book series began publication in 2011 and to date (2014) and has 3 novels.

Kate Martinelli series

The prolific writer Laurie R. King, creator of several book series and some stand-alone novels, she began in 1993 the series using the character “Kate Martinelli”, a homicide detective of the SFPD.

Between 1996 and 2006, the series has published five novels.

Lt. Taylor Jackson series

Writer J. T. Ellison was born in Orlando, Florida, but now lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She has written several novels and short stories, as well as created several book series, in 2007, she began the series of novels using the character of Taylor Jackson, a lieutenant, homicide detective in the Nashville Police Department.

Between 2007 and 2011, have been published 7 novels.

Maggie O’Dell series

“Alex Kava​​” is the pseudonym of Sharon Kava ​​that “changed” her first name, originally to hide that she was a woman and avoid suffering prejudice as a writer of crime novels. And while she still keep the established pseudonym, she now includes photos and a biography in her novels, that they have been well received.

In 2000, she began the book series of “Maggie O’Dell”, which is an FBI agent specializing in creating criminal profiles of serial murderers, and due that she is constantly traveling throughout the United States.

The series of books between 2000 and 2013, has published 11 novels and a short story.



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