Philosophy From The Armchair


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Philosophy from the armchair. No better place imaginable to muse over the backstage of our everyday. A place we may ponder over control we have on the performance, who is back there orchestrating, causes of ghostly ripples in the thick velvet curtain.

Let us explore our stage together, we’re all in the audience, looking on, wishing we had greater control over the show. Although, you may find trusting your peers and the inner workings will compel you to sit back into that armchair and allow the show to continue unabated.

Situated in the audience, we occupy any one of a number of seats. Armchairs abound, but we’re all focused on the stage. The stage comprises our lives, the everyday, what we can see, the obvious. The real mystery lies behind that curtain, the backstage. And we can all benefit from each other, the more of us in the audience the more viewpoints, the more clues to the reverse side of the curtain; the mysterious shroud playfully concealing our hidden potentials, future happiness, life purposes, any imaginable treasure you feel is lacking on the open stage of your life, resides behind that seemingly impenetrable curtain.


Perspective, an asset each of us possess. We all look on the same problems, each of us from a different vantage point. The mystery of life, purpose, what other secrets are hidden behind that curtain? Sharing viewpoints, ideas, a collaborative effort will lead us on a journey from mysteries, to mysteries revealed.

An open mind, a dash of optimism, and a willingness to share beliefs are all we need to pass from the unknowing, to the known. Let’s take that journey together.



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